Newcastle Fire Protection District

Chief's Message

First, I would like to congratulate Retired Fire Chief Ian Gow on his 33 years of continual dedication and commitment to the citizens of Placer County. He modernized the response capabilities and service delivery models while simultaneously transforming the Placer Hills Fire Department from an all-volunteer organization to the professional ALS Fire Department it is today. He should be very proud of these accomplishments! I appreciate the efforts he has made to set up the Placer Hills, Foresthill and Newcastle Fire Protection Districts for success in the future.

I’m looking forward to working together with everybody here in Placer County. I value having everyone within our agency involved as a team in the development of both short term and long term goals and strategic planning. My personal goal is to continue to collaboratively build a forward thinking, modern, cohesive organization with both the Placer Hills Fire Protection District and all of the cooperating agencies that contract with us for my leadership, based upon mutual respect and trust of all personnel! I am very proud and consider it an honor to have been selected to serve as your new Fire Chief. You have my commitment to move our agencies forward together as a unified team. I am here to support all of you, our agencies and the public that we have all been sworn to serve! I believe that if everybody, including the Boards of Directors, staff, administration and fire suppression personnel are working together with the common goal of improving the services we provide to the citizens, increasing overall efficiency, operational effectiveness, the staffing levels on our engines, the training levels and working conditions for all of our personnel, there is no stopping us! My priority for all of our personnel is to always think of safety as their number one focus and concern, both for firefighters and the public. I encourage everyone to engage in your departments, enjoy coming to work and rest assured that I will always lead by example and encourage each and every member of our agencies to do the same! I am dedicated to providing all of you with a leadership style that is focused on integrity, trust, mentoring and empowerment.

Kirk S. Kushen,
Fire Chief

Board Meeting Sept. 20th

Here is the packet for the September 20th Board Meeting. Also, here is the Estimated Site Work Expenses for the new fire station.

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There is new contractors' information available in the Contractor's Section of this website with an addendum as well as answers to contractors' questions. Simply follow the link above and then click on "Contractor's Information". The answers are on the first link in the list.

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